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About ARMI

Membership of ARMI is aimed at employees of licensed asbestos removal companies who have a leadership and management role and a direct influence over the way that asbestos removal work is carried out. In effect this means Supervisors, Contracts Managers and Senior Managers / Directors.


In order to apply for membership of ARMI applicants are required to complete the membership application form and return it to ARMI. In order to be considered for membership certain qualifications need to be held, depending upon the grade of membership applied for. Further details of accepted qualifications can be found on the armi accepted qualifications list.


Subject to the applicant providing evidence of holding acceptable qualifications, and paying the appropriate fee, an appointment to attend the professional review meeting will be made. It is intended to hold these professional review meetings at various locations around the country, namely Hemel Hempstead, Burton upon Trent and Glasgow. The professional review meeting will be conducted by one ARMI assessor and the meeting will be audio recorded for quality control purposes and for review in the event of any appeal.

The object of the professional review is to assess the applicant’s knowledge and competence of work with asbestos and their approach to leadership and management within the role in which they are employed. The professional review will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Depending on the overall level of response of the applicant the assessor will recommend the membership category that can be offered to the applicant.


Subject to meeting the membership requirements and paying the appropriate fees an applicant will be accepted in to membership. The member will be able to display letters after their name indicating that they are members of ARMI and the grade of membership which they hold.

  • Affiliate - AARMI
  • Member - MARMI
  • Fellow - FARMI 

Members and Fellows are required to participate in the Institutes continuing professional development scheme. Members at all grades of membership are required to abide by the Bye Laws of the Institute and the institute's code of conduct.


Membership of ARMI is renewable; members are required to renew their membership on the annual anniversary of their joining date Membership is renewed by providing a compliant CPD record, along with supporting evidence, and paying the appropriate fee.